Single Family Building Lots For Sale at Tobiano

Tobiano has two separate neighbourhoods with single family building lots: The Bluff and The Ranchlands (phase 1-3). Both neighbourhoods have released all of the inventory available for sale so there are no new lots available other than what is presently on the market from the developer or is a re-sale. There is future room for developement west of the Bluff neighbourhood but this requires significant infrastructure work.

All of the lot neighbourhoods have their own respective design guidelines that must be followed in order to receive design approval for a building permit. Please contact Andrew Karpiak to receive a copy of these design guidelines and any title related covenants.

When building a lot, there is an approximately $7500.00 one time utility hook up fee that home owners are required to pay. If you own a lot and you chose not to build right away then you are required to pay an annual utility stand by fee of roughly $680.00.

To find out the latest lot availability please contact Andrew Karpiak directly by email or at (250) 819-4113.